Use Privnote For Sending Notes Securely And Confidentially

In this modern world of technology, data privacy is the primary concern among the users on the web. Privacy exists whenever personal or sensitive information is collected, stored or destroyed digitally. However, data security’s main challenge is protecting the user’s private information from getting leaked.

There have been several cases in the past where many major platforms are accused of leaking their user’s private information to third-party vendors. Due to these incidents, it is difficult for the end-users to believe in Internet-based platforms for sharing sensitive or confidential data.

There are several instances in real life where the users are required to share a piece of confidential data with a particular person or group, which could be read once. After opening the message, it will be self-destructed, ensuring the data privacy of the sender.

What Are Self Destructing Notes?

Self-destructing notes are a type of notes that are destructed once they are lived. Once the receiver receives the message and opens it, the message disappears from the receiver’s end automatically. In short words, these notes are short-lived. The messaging system that generates the note is responsible for erasing the content within a few seconds or minutes after the content is consumed.

With the exponential progress in the rates of cyber criminals on the Internet, who purposely want to steal our data, the users on Internet are becoming more and more conscious about their data and cybersecurity. 

There are many occasions where a user is required to share confidential data like their Login ID and password with another person, but they are worried about their information being intercepted. In these cases, the Privnote can become a savior.

Privnote is a web-based note-sharing service that allows users to share self-destructing notes with their desired individuals over the Internet. Using Privnote, the users can send confidential data, which will be destroyed automatically.

How To Use Privnote?

Most users will wonder if a platform allows them to securely send self-destructing notes to others, then using it must be tough. However, in reality, using the platform is very much simple. Anyone can use the platform, where they can create notes and send them to others.

Apart from the usage, the website requires no registration, subscription, or fees for using its platform. Anybody can use the platform for free without paying any amount. 

How does The Platform Works?

Once you visit their website, you will see a notepad where you have to enter your private message. Once you have created the note, you will be assigned a link from the Privnote. This link can be used in a private message or email to send to the desired person. 

Once the person (receiver) receives the note, the link got destroyed automatically. As soon as the receiver opens & reads the note, the link is destroyed by itself, i.e. even if the receiver can’t open up & read the message more than once. You can visit their website to create your self-destructing notes.