Should I stick with my current plan or try something new?

Tarot readings have been used for centuries to find clarity and understanding in a variety of life situations. One type of tarot reading is a yes or no tarot reading, which can provide insight into whether something will happen or not. But, as with any form of divination, the answers received through this type of tarot reading can be quite complex. Let’s dive into a deeper exploration of yes or no tarot readings to understand the nuances behind them.

What Is It?

Yes or no tarot readings are just as they sound—they answer questions with either a yes or no response. This type of tarot reading should never be used to make critical decisions in life, such as whether you should get married or quit your job; rather it should be used to help you gain insight and clarity on small questions that may be holding you back from making bigger decisions. Some examples where a yes or no tarot reading might be useful include: will I get this promotion? Is this the right career path for me? Should I move across the country? Will I find love soon? 

How Does It Work?

Tarot readers use various spreads and techniques to interpret information from the cards. When using a yes or no spread, many readers use only one card for their reading and then interpret its meaning based on certain symbols within the card itself. For example, if the card drawn was reversed—meaning upside down—then it generally indicates a “no” answer to your question; whereas an upright card typically signifies “yes”. Other readers may use more than one card in their spread and interpret them together to come up with an answer to your question.

Why Is It So Complicated?

The reality is that yes and no questions don’t always have simple answers, so it stands to reason that even when asking these types of questions through a tarot reading, there are often complexities involved. Some tarot readers believe that while there may be an overall “yes” or “no” answer revealed through the cards, further examination is required because sometimes things aren’t so cut-and-dry; instead they require further interpretation in order for you to fully understand what message the universe is giving you at this time. Furthermore, some believe that while they may receive one definitive response from their cards during their readings, it’s important to remember that our lives change constantly due to our choices and actions; therefore we must keep an open mind when seeking guidance from our cards as what applies today might not apply tomorrow! 


A yes or no tarot reading can provide insightful responses to certain life questions but should not be used for major decision making purposes like quitting your job or getting married. A single card can often reveal an answer but more detailed spreads may need further interpretation due to the complexities involved with certain life circumstances. Remembering that our lives can quickly change depending on our choices and actions is key when seeking guidance from these cards—what works today might not work tomorrow! Ultimately, trusting your intuition will help guide you along your journey!