Keepsakes and Remembrances: Cremation Jewelry

Losing someone close to you can be incredibly difficult and painful. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or beloved pet, the loss of a loved one is often felt deeply. Expressing your grief in a meaningful way can help you cope with the pain of mourning and celebrate the life of your lost loved one. One way to honor the memory of your lost loved one is by wearing cremation jewelry — an elegant and beautiful way to remember them.

What Is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is jewelry that holds a small portion of ashes from a deceased loved one, allowing you to keep them close at all times. Most cremation jewelry pieces are made from stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, titanium, or glass with gemstones embedded in them for added beauty. The ashes are placed inside the locket or other piece through a tiny opening that is carefully sealed using epoxy resin and glue after the ashes have been safely secured in place.                                                                                                                                                                      

Designs & Styles

If you’re looking for something special to commemorate your beloved pet or family member who has passed away, there are many different styles of cremation jewelry available. You can choose from simple lockets with no stones set in them to more elaborate designs with precious gems embedded in the metal. Some popular styles include simple heart-shaped lockets, infinity charms with birthstones set in them, and even colorful glass beads that hold traces of ash within the glass itself. 

The Benefits Of Wearing Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry offers several benefits for those mourning their lost loved ones. Not only does it provide comfort during difficult times by providing physical closeness to someone who has passed away; it also serves as an excellent reminder of how much that person meant to you when they were alive and how much they still mean even though they’re gone now. It gives you something tangible to remember your beloved by—a symbol that will always be close at hand even if they aren’t around anymore physically. You can also add engravings on some pieces such as names or dates which adds further sentimentality to the piece and allows you to carry memories close at all times while also keeping them private if desired since few people will know what it means unless told so directly. Finally, some people choose cremation jewelry because it is an environmentally friendly option since no land is being used up for burial purposes or cremated remains being scattered somewhere else; instead, tiny amounts of ash are securely held within these beautiful pieces for eternity without harming any ecosystem or environment anywhere in the world!

Conclusion: Losing someone close can be heartbreaking but remembering them doesn’t have to be hard. While living without our loved ones may never get easier we can look for ways we can still honor their memory despite not having them around anymore physically; this includes wearing cremation jewelry as a symbol of remembrance and love every single day no matter where life takes us. It can remind us that although our loved ones may have passed away we still carry their spirit within us forever! Cremation Jewelry provides us with an elegant way of commemorating our loss while also cherishing our time together when they were alive – providing both comfort and beauty during tough times when we need it most! This type of memorialization helps keep our beloved’s memory alive while allowing us peace knowing that part of them continues on long after they’ve gone on ahead! So don’t let grief overwhelm you – instead find solace in wearing cremation jewelry as a symbol of remembrance!